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21-yr-old youth died while saving 2 girls on scooter

Photo: Sunil Kumar 
IMPHAL: Two girls Monday escaped death as a 21-year-old youth managed to push away the scooter they were riding with before hitting by a water tanker that mowed down to kill him.

The accident occurred along the Imphal-Pangei road at Khabeisoi under Heingang police station of Imphal East district today, around 11 am.  The boy who was killed at the spot was identified as Boboi Mayangmayum who hailed from the area where the accident occurred. The driver of the water tanker has surrendered to the police later this evening. Local reports said that before mowing down the youth, the water tanker first hit to a car stopping at the spot before running over the youth who rushed on seeing the running tanker was about to hit the scooter, the two girls were riding together. Boboi who poushed away the two girls was run over by the water tanker. The scooter (Activa brand) which the two girls came with was also severely damaged after the tanker hit. The girls escaped with no injury, the report said. 

The driver of the water tanker (MN05-3744) fled from the site. However, he surrendered to the police later this afternoon, police said.  Heingang police have registered a case.

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