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Red Shield Division weapon forging factory

SENAPATI: On 27 Apr 16, Red Shield Division busted a weapon forging factory located at village Phaijang, P S Saparmaina,  Senapati district. The operation was led by Jwalamukhi Battalion under Senapati Brigade.

Based on reliable information regarding existence of a weapon forging factory in village Phaijang, an operation was launched by troops of Jwalamukhi Battalion. 

The intense search and relentless combing of the house and area adjoining house resulted in recovery of forged weapons, warlike stores, weapon forging equipment and various other accessories. The recoveries includes two 9mm Pistols, two partially complete Pistols (90%complete),one Drill machine, one vice (Furnace marking machine), two magazine frames, three file, two Hacksaw blade, twenty three alphabet punching tools, two weapon bodies, two Barrels, three Recoil spring, one weapon alignment machine, two 9 mm magazine and misc tools for making forged weapons.

The weapon forging factory was being used extensively for fabricating, assembling, manufacturing and forgoing weapons for further supplying to Under Ground groups active in SADAR Hills. The recoveries have been handed over to police for further investigation.

Source: PIB

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