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7 year-old girl raped by grandfather

TURA: In a horrid case of violence against children, a seven-year-old minor was raped by her grandfather over a period of two months since the death of her mother a few months ago.

The incident was discovered only after the clan members of the grandmother informed an NGO of Dainadubi in North Garo Hills, which later caught hold of the culprit and handed him over to the police.

The culprit identified as Lalitson Ch Marak (42) of Sarang Apal village on the border between East and North Garo Hills districts was arrested by the police in Mendipathar after he was handed over by All Achik Youth Federation (AAYF) which also filed a FIR against the culprit.

According to sources, the victim who lost her mother a few months ago was taken to her grandparents’ house to be cared for. “The grandmother generally went to work while the grandfather remained in the house. He used to drink and torture his children as well as the victim on a regular basis. He used to also rape the grand daughter whenever he got the opportunity. “He must have violated her at least five times,” said a police source.

Incidentally, his brutality was wellknown though villagers never took any action to put a stop to the torture.

“Even after the rape of the seven year old was known to the grandfather’s clan members, they did not act. It was only after the grandmother’s clan members were informed that they informed the AAYF who promptly came to the village and took Marak and handed him over to police,” said the police source.

The accused is currently in judicial custody while the victim has been sent to a shelter home.
“We did not want her to go through trauma by going back to the place where she was violated by someone who she trusted,” said the police.

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