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AHRC orders probe into Kaziranga firing

GUWAHATI: A single bench of the Assam Human Rights Commission (AHRC) headed by Tarun Phookan, Member, has taken suo moto cognizance of the death of two persons and injuries caused to others during an eviction operation carried out in three villages adjacent to the Kaziranga National Park on Monday, and issued directives to issue notice to the State Chief Secretary to institute an ‘inclusive inquiry’ into the circumstances that led to the deaths and injuries.

The inquiry is to be done by a State government official not below the rank of Commissioner & Secretary, the Commission said in its order dated September 20, 2016, in AHRC case no. 1801/14/16-17.

The report is to be submitted within 30 days of receipt of the notice.

A one-man commission had already been appointed by the State government to probe the circumstances leading to the police firing.

“…the killing of one Anjuma Khatun and one Fakaruddin with injuries caused to some protesters reportedly due to the firing from the police guns and the charging of the police batons while carrying out the entire eviction operation consisting of demolition of hundreds of houses and destruction of household articles belonging to the ejected people including reportedly some Government-settlers, has been deplorable, which persuaded this State Commission to take cognisance of the same,” the AHRC order said.

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