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School children saw men carrying guns in Uran, Navy on High Alert

MUMBAI: Two school children reported that they had seen masked men with guns in the coastal town of Uran near Mumbai .The Navy is on high alert after the report.

One child says hes aw one man. The other child claims to have seen five men dressed in black around 7 am, carrying back-packs and “speaking a different language”, near an ammunition storage facility of the naval base in Uran .This child also says to have overheard the men saying “ONGC” and “school”.

The men were dressed in “Pathan suits”, the children have told to their school principal.  The school informed this to the police.

The Navy on this information is acting very seriously and has launched efforts to secure all bases. “We cannot overlook anything at this point,” a senior officer stated. All air force units in Mumbai are also on high alert after this information came.

The police, Maharashtra’s anti-terror squad or ATS and the navy are all doing a search operation. “No person has been located or apprehended till now,” said the Navy spokesperson.

The news spread in Uran and nearby areas, and schools and colleges were shut down early.

Uran is 50 km from Mumbai, and in November 2008 , 166 people were killed there , 10 terrorists had attacked when landmarks in the city.  Important locations like the Jawaharlal Nehru Port and the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre are near this place.

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