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Scribes protest against suspension of Internet services in Kashmir

‘Protest amid to sent a message to government’

SRINAGAR (KNS): Dozens of journalists, editors, photo video journalists on Saturday staged a sit-in at Press Enclave in Srinagar to protest against the “frequent suspension” of Internet services in Kashmir.

“We are having this sit-in to protest the withdrawal of Internet services for the last five days which has hindered the activities of media operations in Jammu and Kashmir,” said the journalists present at the sit in.

He said that the protest was held to express “serious” concern over the frequent withdrawal of this service for the media in the last 72 days.

“It is the second such instance that we don’t have bandwidth available to communicate what we intend to report, what is happening around,” he said.

“This protest is aimed at sending a message to the governance structure that they should restore the bandwidth availability to media corps in Srinagar ad there has to be a permanent policy that this service isn’t withdrawn every time somebody sees it important.” Broadband services were snapped on the eve of Eid-ul-Adha across Kashmir valley and were yet to be restored.

Mobile phones services have also been suspended across all private telecom networks. Only BSNL postpaid phones are working while outgoing call services are suspended on the network. (KNS)

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