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Stop efforts to disintegrate Manipur: UCM

IMPHAL: “External stakeholders” must stop inciting activities which hurts the integrity of Manipur, United Committee Manipur (UCM) Saturday cautioned while pressing the Centre (India government) to disclose details of the frame work agreement signed with the NSCN(IM).

The apex body also urged internal stakeholders to stop rising demands against the interest of the territorial integrity of the state and strive jointly for the protection of the integrity of Manipur.

The UCM led a host of civil society organisations of the state to offer tribute to the martyrs of the infamous Great June Uprising in Imphal’s Kekrupat Memorial Complex on the occasion of Langban Heitha Leithaba (tarpon).

Manipuris use to offer to tarpon (offering of fresh flowers and fruits) to the water as mark of paying tribute to their ancestors in the month of langbal (the 6th month of Manipuri calendar) believing that they descend to their homes on the night of the full moon of Langbal month (usually falls in September or October) and return to their dwellings on the day of the new moon.

Talking to media after offering ceremony, UCM president Elangbam Johnson recalled the sacrifices made by the 18 people during the people’s uprising in June 2001 in protest against extension of ceasefire between Centre and NSCN(IM) without territorial limit.

He said “We never forget the sacrifices made by them for the protection of territorial integrity of Manipur. We will not allow remapping of Manipur’s territorial boundary at any cost.”

People of the state were always ready to face any challenges coming up against unity and integrity of the state, he reiterated. Elangbam demanded that Centre should made public the details of the frame work agreement which was signed between government of India and NSCN(IM) in August last year. 

“India government should disclose the details of the agreement before entering into a final agreement with the NSCN(IM). UCM expects a positive outcome of the peace talk but will not tolerate any outcome that infringes the territorial boundary of Manipur,” he said.

The UCM president also cautioned “external stakeholders” to stop indulging in any activities that will incite communal disharmony in the state and hurt the interest of the integrity of the state.

Urging the internal stakeholders not to indulge in any activities tantamount to disintegration of the state’s territorial integrity, Johnson said UCM will not remain as silent spectator when a group or groups come up with demands tantamount to break the territorial integrity of the state.

UCM joining hands with other likeminded civil societies like the AMUCO (All Manipur United Clubs Organisation) is ready to fight tooth and nail for the protection of the territorial boundary of the state, he added. UCM has been leading other civil societies in offering tribute to the departed souls of the 18 martyrs to commemorate their supreme sacrifices for the cause of the territorial integrity of Manipur on the occasion of Langban Heitha Leithaba (tarpon) every year.

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