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Sumi Hoho dissociates from Naga Hoho

DIMAPUR:  Fully endorsing the resolution of the Central Nagaland Tribes Council (CNTC), the Sumi Hoho, the apex body of Sumi Naga tribe, declared its dissociation from Naga Hoho on Saturday. The Sumi Hoho also recalled all Sumi representatives from Naga Hoho with immediate effect.

The CNTC resolution was adopted on August 31 following the expiry of a 30-day deadline served to Naga Hoho to “withdraw its endorsement” for Rongmei tribe recognition in Nagaland.

In a joint press communiqué today, the Sumi Hoho reminded that CNTC was endorsed by apex organisations of three tribes namely Ao Senden, Lotha Hoho and Sumi Hoho and launched on December 8, 2012. Again, with the approval of the three tribal apex organisations, the CNTC was elevated to State-level apex organisation on March 12, 2016, it said.

Further, the Sumi Hoho pointed out that on July 22 last, the CNTC held a meeting with the apex organisations of the three tribes at Khehokhu village and deliberated on the recognition of Rongmei as an indigenous tribe of Nagaland. In the meeting, the three apex bodies and CNTC resolved to serve a 30-day ultimatum on Naga Hoho to withdraw its endorsement given to Government of Nagaland on September 22, 2008 to recognise Rongmei as an indigenous tribe of the State.

Again on August 24, Sumi Hoho said, the CNTC with the three apex organisations resolved that in the event Naga Hoho failed to comply with the demand to withdraw the endorsement, the three organisations will dissociate from Naga Hoho.

Accordingly, being a constituent tribal organisation of CNTC, the Sumi Hoho reaffirmed its full endorsement of the resolution of CNTC and decided to dissociate from Naga Hoho.

The Lotha Hoho had on September 5 issued a public declaration of dissociation from Naga Hoho and had also made known that there is no representative of the Lotha tribe in the Naga Hoho.

However, there has been no official response till date, from the Ao Senden, regarding its stand over the resolution of the CNTC on the expiry of the 30-day deadline issued to Naga Hoho.

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