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Ukhrul journalists to boycott village, NGO

UKHRUL: The Ukhrul District Working Journalists Association (UDWJA) has resolved to boycott any events or news conferences of Ukhrul-based NGO ‘FEELS’ and ‘Khangkhui Khunou’ village over failure to settle issues of “disrespect and irrational threat” to Ukhrul-based journalists.

The decision taken at its meeting, held on September 24, will be enforced with immediate effect until the two parties tender a formal and public apology, stated UDWJA in a press note from its President Thotshang Shaiza and Secretary R Lester Makang.

UDWJA also urged the collective media fraternity of Manipur state to boycott all events and news conferences associated aforesaid parties until they publicly apologize to the journalist community.

According to the association, the matter pertains to an incident on April 29 this year when the director of the NGO allegedly “abused” some journalist at UDWJA office.   An emergency meeting of the association earlier on April 30 had unanimously resolved the matter amicably within May 10 with the concern parities.

However, continued disrespect to journalists and failure to settle the matter in question within the stipulated deadline has compelled UDWJA to take recourse to boycott and refrain from covering any of their events indefinitely, the release stated.

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