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Lecture on education Key for Development

NONEY: In continuance with the efforts of WHAM of the people, Noney Battalion under the aegis of Loktak Brigade under Red Shield Division organised a motivational lecture on “Education - the key for development” at village Haochong on 16 Oct 16. On this occasion, the Battalion took upon this onerous task of guiding the youth of various schools of Haochong and nearby villages and motivating them to get educated. A motivational lecture was delivered to the large number of students in which emphasis was given upon the role that education plays in shaping the future of children, thereby contributing in collective progress of the nation.

The lecture was followed by tea and refreshment for participant. A total of 56 students and 05 teachers attended the same. The village chairman offered a vote of thanks and conveyed his sincere gratitude on behalf of the people of the villages to Noney Battalion for organizing the lecture on value of education.

On the other hand In continuance with the efforts of Winning the Hearts and Minds of people,Noney Battalion under LoktakBrigade of Red shield Division organised a lecture on Health Awareness at S Laijing village on 17 Oct 2016.  The aim of the programme was to educate people on various water borne and health disease Malaria, Viral Fever etc. The lecture was attended by large numbers of villagers. 

Such a type of drive in remote areas will go a long way in building confidence amongst the people and the battalion will continue to organise such drives for general public in future in true spirit of “Friends of the Hill People”. 

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