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MDAVO Condemns Mapithel Dam Commissioning Plan: Dominic Kashung

UKHRUL:The MDAVO strongly condemns the statement of the Hon'ble Minister, IFCD, Letpao Haokip in the local papers, dated 1st April 2017 to inaugurate the Mapithel dam within 10-20 days time.

Condemning against the report of the project being completed 99%, MDAVO countered that the same is misguiding and irrational as the key components of the project such as power generation turbine is yet to be installed, no irrigation channels have been constructed and pipelines are not ready for water supply to imphal city. Thus, terming the dam completion exclusively to only damming up is nothing but fooling to the public.

It is also contended that, the project inauguration plan is a clear picture of disrespect to the communication of the UN Special Repporteur Leilani Farha and Victoria Lucia Tauli Corpuz, 26 March 2015 who demanded to furnish details of the state's RR plan, final report of the experts review committee, reasons for not compliance of high court's order, detail information on social n environment impacts assessment, measures taken up to safeguard the right to adequate standard of living, food security n rights of the affected indigenous people.

The plan of Mapithel dam inauguration is despite the interventions of the Hon'ble Prime Ministers Office n Union Ministry of Powers on 28&28 of August 2016 that urged to halt the dam commissioning plan asking the right reasons for its inauguration.

MDAVO further contended that, the current plan of inaugurating the project is despite detail impacts assessment covering socio-cultural, environment, economy, health and alternative livelihood sources being carried out for the affected people both in the up n downstream.

Finally, MDAVO demanded that, the concerned Minister or project authorities should rather visit the affected area assessing the grim situation coupled with working out an amicable solution to the protracted controversial issues of Mapithel dam and stress lay on key components ready prior to inauguration for success of the ambitious project in the interest of humanity, justice and development.

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