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UNC president urges Nagas to stand united

IMPHAL: United Naga Council (UNC) president Gaidon Kamei said that there is no place in the Naga society for those Nagas working at the behest of the adversaries.

He also said that there are some Nagas workings against the Naga peace process. In the same time, the UNC president said that “as long as Naga blood runs in us we have to stand united and work till our goal is achieved.”
The UNC president said this while speaking on the observation of the 3rd death anniversary of Mayopam Ramror and Ramkashing Vashi in Ukhrul town today.
On August 30, 2014 in Ukhrul, both Mayopam Ramror and Ramkashing Vashi were killed and over 30 civilians injured and about 15 private vehicles damaged during the protest organized by the UNC against what it called “state militarisation”.
The UNC accused the security force of Manipur state for killing the two civilians on the day. The UNC was irked by the deployment of Manipur police and IRB in the “peaceful zone” where there is ceasefire. The Naga body had demanded the removal of these state forces from Ukhrul, and as a mark of expressing their resentment the rally was held on August 30, 2014.

Today, the UNC president recalled how the Ibobi Singh Government had “carried out communal measures against the Naga people.” He also told today’s gathering that “Nagas suffered a lot during the time of Ibobi Singh.’
He added that “state sponsored terrorism” resorted by the “communal government of O Ibobi Singh on the Nagas” was to suppress the rights of the Naga people. “We must remain prepared as who knows even worse may come,” he cautioned.
Also speaking on the occasion, Naga Women Union (NWU) president Asha Wungnam said that the “Nagas’ movement is stronger because of those Naga martyrs,” the NWU president said. She also said that it is a “privilege” to walk in the foot-step of those Naga martyrs. Asha Wungnam then stressed the importance of unity in a people’s movement. She said that “unity is the only weapon for us to win peace.”
Many public leaders also participated in today’s meeting where special numbers from artistes enthralled the gathering. Rich tributes were also paid to the two “martyrs” on the occasion.

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