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Pass Bill in winter session: JCILPS

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: The Joint Committee on Inner Line Permit System (JCILPS) has once again urged the State Government to pass a Bill which would be acceptable to all communities of Manipur and which can effectively protect indigenous people from the onslaught of incessant influx.

According to a press release issued by JCILPS media and publicity co-convenor Brojendro Naorem, land and population are the two most essential elements of any Nation. While land (territory) is a fixed asset, population will continue to grow. For any Nation, the foremost duty and responsibility are protection of their territory for themselves and their future generations.

This applies to the most advanced Nation as well as the most underdeveloped country. The USA has been prohibiting immigration of Mexicans while Myanmar has not been granting citizenship to Rohingyas who started settling in the country since the 11th century. The total population of Manipur as per the 2001 census report was 22,93,896. Meiteis and others constituted 9,18,626, hill people 6,70,782 while non-local people constituted 7,04,488. This shot up to about 28 lakhs in the 2011 census report.

The State Government should understand that the influx of non-local people is driven by a secret policy.

The State Government should pass a Bill which can effectively protect the indigenous people during the winter session of the State Assembly before non-local people usurp the State’s political power. Non-local people have already taken control of the State’s economy and they are poised to seize political power too as exemplified by the emergence of a non-local MLA and non-local candidates in different elections held in the State. “BJP is in power at the Centre as well as the State and no one can object when we put up a protective fence around our own territory”, it added. 

Source: The Sangai Express

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