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Thoubal Dam, Dolaithabi Project run into stormy water

IMPHAL: Construction works of Thoubal Dam and Dolaithabi Project have come to a grinding halt as the agencies concerned of the two projects have suspended work for the past three days to protest the failure to release the sanctioned funds to the work agencies.

An official source on being contacted said that there is no fund at all at the moment to pay the agencies and added that the total liability for the two projects is about Rs 132 crore. A PWD officer in charge of the two projects said that the two companies engaged in the work are still continuing with their work but added that he has no idea of any course of action taken up by local contractors.

 Disclosing this, a source said that work for Dolaithabi Project started on December 16, 2016 and the stipulated time to finalise the project was 6 months.

But due to failure to release the funds on time to the work agencies, the work has been inordinately delayed, said the source and added work for Thoubal Dam started on May 5 of 2005 but the work is yet to be completed. The two projects have been taken up to ensure supply of potable water to the residents of Imphal but the failure of the Government, the previous as well as the present, has inordinately delayed the completion of the projects. Dolaithabi Project which started on December 16 last year has a 420 metres long tunnel with a 2.5 metre width and a height of 2.4 metre.

Thoubal Dam on the other hand covers a total length of 2280 metres. Though majority of works of the two projects has been completed, the unpaid dues to the work agencies has forced them to stop work for the last three days, added the source.

At least 80 percent of the Maphou Dam tunnel has been completed while at Dolaithabi 332 metres of the 420 metres long tunnel has been completed. Partial payment has been released but a huge amount is still pending, added the source.

The work has been suspended as the two agencies are no longer in a position to procure the required materials as well as to pay the officials and labourers. The projects have been taken up at the approximate cost of Rs 50 to Rs 80 crore, added the source.

Source: The Sangai Express

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