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UNLF to observe 53rd foundation day

IMPHAL: Armed rebel group United National Liberation Front, Manipur is celebrating its 53rd Foundation tomorrow. In connection with the foundation day, the central committee of the rebel group releases its annual statement.

A copy sent to media houses deliberated on the present status of the erstwhile nation. It expressed apprehension about the fate of the indigenous people of the state saying that when nations across the globe has been enhancing towards development in this 21st century, the Manipuris instead of taking part in the competition has been moving backward. In 68 years of occupation, identity of the people of the region has been put at stake and there is a fear that there may be no Manipuris in the coming days, the statement said. 

The central committee also stated the use of words like “presence of rebels have hindered developmental works” by various political leaders as a political gimmick to mislead the people. 

The UNLF said that the root of the political conflict in the region is because of the uncertain fate of the people of the state after it was forcibly annexed in the Indian Union in 1949. The statement also reminded that the period at which Manipur was annexed was a time when decolonization was taking place in the globe. India too was decolonized by the British but in contrast it again forcibly annexed the nation state called Manipur.

The statement also said that UNLF is only a resistance force against the colonialism which is accepted by the International law.

On the misconception which is spread far and wide among the people of the state and had been injected to the minds of the Manipuri – which says “Manipur does not have any resource of its own”, the armed rebel group UNLF strongly disagrees with it. The statement said it is already known to the world that so many valuable medicinal plants, other Seri, horti and argi products are available in the state. These products can be properly utilized to make the region as self sustain by improving the economy of the people. Above this, rich minerals like the petroleum products are being extracted by the Indian government in broad day light, the statement said.

The statement of the central committee also reminded about the rich human resource of the state. It recalled the talented sportspersons, academicians in the field of ITC, Space Science as well as in the field of culture.

Alleging on secrete war against the people of Manipur and WESEA, the UNLF statement said that India has been sending their army in the region to dominate the region besides waging a cultural and Financial imperialism war against the people. It said in 20 years the outsiders will suppress the people of the region. 

The statement also said that India’s Act East Policy also have an agenda to wipe out the revolutionary movement of the region. 

It also said that India has been dividing the different communities of the state by spewing venoms to incite hate feeling among the communities. 

The UNLF calls for a peoples’ war to liberate the erstwhile nation to a Sovereign and Independent nation.

The central committee of the UNLF also greets the revolutionary groups of WESEA region fighting for restoration of sovereign status. 

The statement further said that it will continue its struggle until it gets its goal.

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