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China setting up base at Doklam?

GANGTOK: Just a few months after the Doklam Standoff, fresh developments are being reported from the area near Sikkim.

China has reportedly stationed more than 1500 troops near the border in the high altitude region in what is being seen as a move by the country to permanently establish its presence at Doklam, a disputed region. The troops will be there throughout the winter and shelters and stores have reportedly been set up, roads are also being repaired.

There are reports that they’ve also built two helipads at the said location.

Earlier the PLA or People’s Liberation Army would patrol the area only during the summer months as China has always laid claim to Doklam which is considered to fall within Bhutan. Indian troops and their Chinese counterparts had a confrontation earlier this year when China had attempted to construct a road in the disputed area. India had intervened to protect Bhutan’s territorial integrity and also since that road could later prove to be a threat toNortheast India.

The Doklam Standoff was resolved in August.

Doklam is on the Sikkim-Bhutan-Tibet trijunction.

Source: Time8

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