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December is the best month to have sex

NEW DELHI: The best time for sex is all year round, at any time and in the place you want, but having sex in December is much better.

By December, many people enter into a state of depression and melancholy, both by changes in climate and personal experiences and to combat the sadness related to the time, sex is really beneficial.
Skin-to-skin contact increases oxytocin levels, says Ian Kerner, author of “She comes first,” so it can improve your mood.
According to the health expert, 3pm is when men are most likely to give women the ‘emotional support’ they desire, while still pleasing themselves.
This goes against the commonly accepted notion that mornings are the best time, when men initiate intercourse first thing.
By having sex in December, your immune system will be strengthened, which will reduce the risk of contracting respiratory diseases and have more orgasms.

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