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Nagaland must look ahead to the future - Rajnath

KOHIMA: Union home minister Rajnath Singh has charged the people of Nagalandto look ahead to the future because it's bright adding that Prime Minister Narendra Modi, will do its best to fulfil the aspirations of the Naga people for a brighter tomorrow.

He said infrastructure development was key for Nagaland to catch up with advance states in terms of economic development, he said that overall connectivity can create opportunities for entrepreneurs and business and also make Nagaland the gateway to southeast Asia.

Attending the eighth day of Hornbill Festival at Naga Heritage Village, Kisama on Friday, Singh said the enchanting festival marked the onset of festive season and charmed visitors from both India and across the world.

He said it was a prominent landmark in the socio-cultural lives of the people of Nagaland and reflected unity in diversity of the State.

He added that tourism can be a major driver of growth while stressing on the need to invest in skill development for youth to ensure that they are able to get gainful employment.

Singh said steps are also being taken to promote border trade by establishing land custom stations to ensure that illicit trafficking and other illegal activities are curbed at the border.

Praising the diverse Naga culture, Singh said the festival was truly one-of-its-kind where different tribes of the State assembled in the spirit of brotherly love and affection, adding that 10-day festival would go a long way in bonding the people of Nagaland.

The Minister said the Hornbill Festival showcased the rich culture of the Nagas and their beautiful land replete with dense forests and colourful tribes.

Image Source: facebook.com/RajnathSinghBJP

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