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NSF memo to President ‘for solution before polls’

KOHIMA: Naga Students’ Federation (NSF) has called for resolution of the Naga political issue before the Assembly elections scheduled early next year. 

In a memorandum to President Ram Nath Kovind, NSF president Kesosul Christopher Ltu and general secretary Imtiyapang Imsong said Nagas’ struggle for sovereign rights not only involved the political leaders but also affected the entire Naga community. They said students and youth of Naga society, who would eventually inherit the future, were perplexed with the current scenario, which had led them to doubt the sincerity of parties involved in the dialogue process.

NSF regretted that despite lapse of more than 20 years of negotiations and even after the signing of Framework Agreement on August 3, 2015 they were yet to see light at the end of the tunnel. They said exasperation and desperation were setting in owing to hopes being raised on various occasions and by way of announcements by eminent leaders that a solution was around the next corner.  

“Now, with the elections to the Nagaland Legislative Assembly due early next year, skepticism runs deep given a retrospective look when elections create havoc negating the spirit and concerted efforts of the people, more particularly by the political parties,” they added.“Besides, it is envisaged that once the process is prolonged and the matter procrastinate to a certain time the present day Indian leadership may be bogged down by other issues – for instance like the coming of parliamentary elections, or even the leadership of concerned parties may change bringing us back to square one and we may have to start from scratch again,” the memorandum feared.

NSF, therefore, appealed to the President to bring the Indo-Naga political dialogue to a “logical conclusion at the earliest and before the elections or keep the election process in abeyance so that the younger generation could keep their dreams alive and hope to achieve goals as per their geniuses”.

Raising the issue of Post Matric Scholarship, the students’ body said majority students in the State pursuing higher studies depended heavily on the scholarship. However, for the academic session 2016-2017, the State was witnessing delay in disbursement of Post Matric Scholarship due to non-release of funds from the Union Ministry of Tribal Affairs, it pointed out.

NSF said it had learnt from the Department of Higher Education that utilisation certificate for the amount received as first instalment had been furnished to the Union Ministry of Tribal Affairs, but the latter was not releasing the remaining amount.

“Therefore, we would like to appeal upon your esteemed authority to impress upon the Ministry of Tribal Affairs for early release of the remaining amount of Post Matric Scholarship,” the memorandum prayed.

NSF also wished the President a pleasant stay at Kohima and a safe return journey.

Source: Nagaland Post

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