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After PNB scam, now Bank of Baroda mired in controversy; Fraud worth Rs. 54,000 Cr under BJP government- RTI

NEW DELHI: A few days after the infamous Punjab National Bank scam rocked the nation, an RTI has revealed that Bank of Baroda has a default of Rs 6,400 Cr. Stepping up attack against the BJP government, the Congress on Tuesday alleged that bank frauds to the tune of Rs. 54,317 crore had taken place under its watch and asked when Prime Minister Narendra Modi would speak up on the issue.

The RTI information which was made available on February 9, 2018 reveals that frauds and scams of Rs 19,317 Crore have been reported in India’s Economic Capital, i.e Economic Offences Wing, Mumbai alone in last 3 years (RTI reply attached).

These are:-
2015 Rs 5,560.66 Cr

2016 Rs 4,273.87 Cr

2017 Rs 9,838.66 Cr

What is even more astonishing is that the 184 accused in these Scams and Frauds have escaped. In view of this, the culprits appear to have been given a ‘one-way-ticket’ to commit such anomalies. It may be mentioned that out of Rs 19,317 Cr, a pittance of Rs 2.50 Crore could be recovered but due to the victims being either let loose of them being abroad (as is the case with Nirav Modi), the same is still a distant dream.

Apart from Rs. 6,400 crore Bank of Baroda scam, the RTI also reveals a hoard of other scams:

-Vijay Mallya Bank Scam- Rs. 9,000 Cr

-NiMo+Choksi Bank Loot Scam- Rs. 22,606 Cr

-MehulChoksi Jan Dhan Loot Yojana- Rs. 5,000 Cr

-Vikram Kothari- Rotomac Scam – Rs. 3,695 Cr

-Dwarka Das Jewelers Bank Scam- Rs. 390 Cr

-Canara Bank Scam- Rs. 515 Cr

-Winsome Bank Loot Scam- Rs. 6,712 Cr

Total —- Rs. 54,318 Cr

Congress party communications in-charge Randeep Surjewala said India demanded that the “prime minister switch from Neerav (silent) Modi i.e. ‘Silent Modi’ to ‘Bol Modi’.

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