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ZUF which was divided into two faction unite as one

IMPHAL: The historic reconciliation of the two factions of the Zeliangrong United Front (ZUF) after parted ways for more than one year has taken place and become one entity on 17th July, 2018 somewhere in Zeliangrong areas. The historic reconciliation programme heeding to the call of the Zeliangrong people was held in the presence of Zeliangrong Social Organizations’ leaders, Elders, religious leaders and general public in which the leaders of the ZUF took the oath of reconciliation in the name of the Almighty God and the blessing prayer was administered upon the ZUF leaders in order to lead the Zeliangrong people and fraternal brothers to fulfil their political objective.

1.   The Zeliangrong United Front (ZUF) will be now led by Mr. Raitu Chawang as Chairman, Mr. S. Kamson as Vice-Chairman and Mr. Jenchui Kamei as General Secretary.

2.   The Zeliangrong United Front (ZUF) taking the people’s confidence will pursue the political cause of the Zeliangrong people and the fraternal tribes with full commitment and assured that the   Zeliangrong  United  Front   (ZUF)   will  never   betray  the   people  till  the   collective political goal is achieved.

3.   The Zeliangrong United Front (ZUF) taking the people interest and aspiration of the people and  based   on  the  political  foundation   laid   by  revered  leaders   Haipou   Jadonang  and freedom fighter Rani Gaidinliu has every right to pursue and carry forward the long cherish dream of the Zeliangrong people and the fraternal  tribes till realisation.

4.   The  Zeliangrong  United  Front  (ZUF)  Government  appreciates  the  Zeliangrong  people  and the fraternal  tribes  for their  unflinching cooperation  and  full  support extended  to  the  ZUF since its inception till today.

5.   The Zeliangrong United Front (ZUF) political ideology to uphold, safeguard and protect the people,  land,  natural  resources,  cultures,  custom  and  tradition  etc.  from  different  threat within and without.

It may be worthwhile to note that in respond to the call of the people the two factions had executed  a  Ceasefire  Agreement  signed  by  two  responsible  functionaries  each  from  both  the factions  on  7thApril,  2018  so  as  to  pave  way  for  reconciliation.  This  organisation  will  always remember  the  tireless  efforts  of  the  Zeliangrong  civil  societies  and  the  general  public  for  their unfailing support through thick and thin and looking forward to their continuous cooperation in the days to come.

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