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Manipur observes 87th Martyrdom of Haipou Jadonang

IMPHAL: Manipur today observed 87 Martyrdom of Haipou Jadonang held at Leishangkhong Zelianrong Village, Wangoi, and at Jadonang Park, Keishampat in Imphal West.

Chief minister N. Biren Singh said we need mutual respect, understanding, sharing and recognition among the different communities so as to have oneness and unity in the state.

He said the state government would consider to declare August 29 every year as state holiday and state Cabinet would thoroughly discuss the matter in this regard.

Stating that the state government would take stringent action for crime against women, Biren said that 11 persons were convicted of crimes against women in the state. Among them, one person was given death penalty and another one as life imprisonment by the Fast Track Court for crimes against women in the state. There is a need to give an exemplary punishment for crimes against women, he added. Mentioning about the new infrastructure developmental works Biren said that the government is constructing a Water Supply Scheme (Rs. 40 crores) in Tamenglong district. The Rani Gaidinliu Women’s Market at Tamenglong HQ will be inaugurating in the last week of September this year. He assured that the Tamei Women’s Market would be inaugurating anytime.

At Jadonang Park deputy chief minister YumnamJoykumar Singh and health minister L. Jayantakumar Singh led the people to pay floral tribute to the statue of the departed Freedom Fighter at the Park. Two minute silence was also observed as a mark of respect to the departed soul. Joykumar said, state government will not compromise state’s interest at any cost. He said,any attempt to affect the territorial integrity of Manipur will not be tolerated. Government is minutely and closely observing the situations coming up with the solving of Naga issue by the Centre. If there is any attempt to compromise State’s interest in the process, State government will not tolerate it. Stating that government is well aware of the sentiment of people on the issue, Joykumar Singh assured that government is ready to protect state’s interest and will not act against the will of people.

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