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Devotees throng temple to worship Durga on ‘Bor’ day

IMPHAL: Thousands of devotees from across the valley districts of Manipur thronged Hiyanthang Leirembi temple in the outskirts of Imphal to seek the blessings of goddess Durga on the occasion of “Bor” on Wednesday.

“Bor” marked the last day of the week-long ‘Durga Pujah’ celebrations. On this day people usually practically storm the Hiyangthang temple to worship goddess Durga.
During this festival people who follow “Sanamahi leining’ also perform worship services for the Meitei goddess Panthoibi.
Thousands of the devotees gathered outside the temple complex from early morning waiting for their turn to get inside and worship the goddess for Her blessings.
The devotees believe that their wishes will be fulfilled if they get the chance to attend the Puja, commonly known as “Bor”.
Armed security men were deployed in and around as well at all the entry points of the temple.
A senior police officer on duty said that the security measures were being put in place as a precautionary measure to check any untoward incident. 

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