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Chief minister N. Biren’s statement on a TV network worries MLA Joykishan; says if he really said so then the cm is in state of unsound mind

IMPHAL: Congress MLA Khumukcham Joykishan today expressed worry over the mental state of the Chief Minister N. Biren Singh as the later seem to have no knowledge of the status of a legislature representing Thangmeiband Assembly Constituency in the Manipur State Legislative Assembly.
“I heard the CM telling to a TV channel through social networking site Facebook that he did not know who is MLA Joykishan Singh while replying to a query to a TV reporter”, Joykishan said in a press conference held at his residence at Thangmeiband here in Imphal.
A newly opened satellite TV channel call TOM TV spread the statement of the Chief Minister N. Biren Singh at which he said that he did not know whether Khumukcham Joykishan is still an MLA or not. He also said that he took him as a contractor. The TOM TV clip did not have any details on how and why the Chief Minister responded in the manner.
“If the statement of the Chief Minister regarding his knowledge about the status of an MLA who sit in the opposition bench is true than the mental status of N. Biren is unsound”, Joykishan said.
He further said that he will however look whether the statement delivered through social media by TOM TV is unedited or not. Joykishan had sent a letter to TOM TV authority to give the details on the authenticity of the Chief Minister statement.
If the statement is unedited and if he did said that he did not know the status of the MLA saying that he took him as a contractor then the Chief Minister N. Biren Singh is in state of unsound mind.
“If it is so he should be disqualified under the article 191(B) of the Indian Constitution”, the MLA added while recalling his days with N. Biren Singh when he was working as an editor of a newspaper before joining to politics.
Article 191(1)(b) of the Constitution of India says – “if he is of unsound mind and stands so declared by a competent court”.
Reminding the article of the Indian Constitution, MLA Joykishan said that if the mental state of the Chief Minister N. Biren Singh is unsound then he is liable for disqualification.
Joykishan however said that he will first look into the authenticity of the CM statement spread by TOM TV.
Recalling his close association with N. Biren Singh before their joining to politics, Joykishan said that he has no personal enmity with him. However, he was performing the role of opposition MLA.
He said that he will appreciate if the policy programme of the government is for the welfare of the people but will criticized if it is against the will of the people. If the government think that anybody who speak against them is their enemy and will silence using unconstitutional technique and other means then he is definitely wrong.
“Intimidation will not keep the people silent”, Joykishan pointed out.
He said that he spoke against the detention of the Wangkhem Kishorchand by slapping NSA as it was wrongful detention.  The detention was criticized and condemned by the Indian Journalists’ Union (IJU) and other national media and even the Press Council of India had taken up a suo-motto case regarding the arrest.
He appealed the government not to consider all dissents as anti National. Joykishan further appealed the people of the state to remain cautious if the mental status of the Chief Minister is unsound.

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