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MHA announcement to take consent of state govt. is another trick to fool the people – O Joy

IMPHAL: Veteran Politician, Okram Joy, an ex- MLA, who was elected as legislature for five times to the Manipur Legislative Assembly representing the Langthabal Assembly constituency today said that the statement of the Union Home Ministry’s spokesperson regarding the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, at which he was that nobody would be granted Indian citizenship without the consent of the respective state government, as another trick to fool the people of the country.
“The Citizenship (Amendment) Bill comes under the Union list, and saying that consent of the state government will be taken while granting citizenship unacceptable until a clause on the Bill on what the spokesperson had said has been added”, Joy said.
The veteran Politician further said that BJP’s president Amit Shah public speech during rally at Malda in West Bengal 2 days back, at which he said that All Bengali refugees will be given citizenship under the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill has also contradict what the MHA spokespersons had stated. The contentious Bill was tabled by the BJP and Amit Shah is the president of the BJP who had made that contradictory statement.
O Joy also further stated that certain parliamentary procedures have been skipped while the BJP led government is making its way to pass the Bill in Lok Sabha. The CAB 2016   while introducing in the floor of the Lok sabha was not referred to the select Committee even there are criticisms that it affects the Fundamental Rights of the people. The Bill also violates the Article 14 of the Indian Constitution by excluding the Muslim or atheist or some particular religion, Joy added.
“This is being done for political benefit as Parliamentary Election is knocking at the door”, Joy said.
Source: Imphal Times

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