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Detained accused found dead in police custody; irate locals storm at Keibul police station

BISHNUPUR: Irate locals of Khordak today stormed to the Police station of Keibul Lamjao in Bishnupur District today morning after an accused identified as Heishnam Sharatkumar who was detained for killing a wild boar inside the Keibul Lamjao National Park on February 14, 2019 was found dead.
Saratkumar , aged about 48 is the son of late Heishnam Mani Singh of Khordak Mayai Leikai in Bishnupur district. He was arrested by a team of Keibul Police Station and Keibul Forest Range Office on the evening of Feb 14 for killing the wild boar and remanded for 8 days in police custody.
He was reportedly found hung to death at the lock-up of Keibul Police Station last night. On receiving the news about the death of the accused large number people from Khordak area stormed at the Keibul Police station and Forest Range Office blaming the dead to police authority.
As the local turn hostile and even pushed the gate of the police station, the police team firec smoke bomb to disperse the mob.
Terming the dead of Sharatkumar as suspicious, local people of the area demanded immediate punishment of those responsible for the cause of the death. A local said that Sharatkumar was a healthy person and mentally strong to face anything to feed his family.
“There is no way that he hung himself to death”, a protestor said. He threatens agitation saying that they will not receive the dead body until justice has been delivered to the deceased and his family.
MLA of Thanga Assembly Constituency Tongbram Robindro along with Additional SP L/O Manihar and SDPO Moirang Shivkanta also rushed to the spot and tried to console the agitating mob. The MLA along with the family members and local leader inspected the room (Lock up) where the deceased Sharatkumar was found hung to death. Forensic science team also inspected the room.
MLA T. Robindro Singh while speaking to the people said that proper magisterial enquiry will be conducted and those found guilty will not be spare.
Source: Imphal Times

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