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Assam Rifles apprehends ZUF cadre from Cachar District

CACHAR: Based on a specific information, troops from Assam Rifles launched a search operation on 17 Aug 2019 in the area of Namdailong in Cachar District of South Assam. During the operation one ZUF cadre was apprehended and a pistol with ammunition were recovered from the insurgent. The apprehended ZUF cadre has been identified as Gangdun Rongmei @ Adun, age 36 years and is known to be involved in numerous illegal activities in Jiribam and Cachar. The apprehended cadre along with the recovered weapon has been handed over to police for further investigation.

The Assam Rifles Battalion with its renewed focus on insurgent groups indulging in extortion and kidnapping activities along economically important areas along Jiri River, had apprehended four ZUF cadres along with large cache of ammunition in May 2019. This successful operation by the security forces has dealt a huge blow to the nefarious designs of the insurgents in the region.

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