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JAC form against the suspicious death of Mrs. Ichan Devi @Chungamlu Riamei

IMPHAL: JAC against the suspicious death of Mrs. Ichan Devi @Chungamlu Riamei aged 30 years D/o Kaningai Riamei, Duithanjang Goitang Village under Khoupum Sub Division a wife of Kongjenbam Jackson Singh S/o K. Joykumar Singh of Pangsan Leikai, Moirang held a joint meeting at Tarung Community Hall today the 21st August 2019 with Zeliangrong CSOs viz. Rongmei Luh Phuam (RLP) Zeliangrong Union, Kabui Mothers Association (KAMA) Rongmei Naga Students Organisation Manipur (RNSOM) etc. demanding the culprit to punish according to the law and to bring justice at the earliest for the dead soul. At the end of the meeting, a rally was organised by the JAC and marched from Tarung Community Hall towards Sanakeithel holding a black flag and shouting a slogan "Book the culprit and punish as per the law", "We want Justice" and "We condemn Killing of human being".

Mention may be made that the incident happened on 17th August 2019 (Saturday) where the husband's family reported to the wife's family that she hanged herself in the mosquito net stand with her chunni in the bedroom. The couple have a son of 1.4 year. Upon asking her husband, he replied that they had an argument on Saturday morning over a golden ring which she had lost it unknowingly. Her husband Kongjenbam Jackson Singh went for a party with his friends on Saturday. As per her husband's report, he got 16 missed calls at around 6pm (which he replied to his wife's family members that he was swimming at that moment and his phone was in the car). He also said that his wife texted him as he did not respond to her calls after she called her several times saying "when I call you, you didn't pick my calls, but when your brother call you, you answer to his call - huithu".

As per Kongjenbam Jackson Singh report when he returned home, they had an argument again. But others from his wife family members asked him, his reports are deviating.. Saying when he returned home he found their bedroom door locked from inside, so he sent a child from window (a window which doesn't have bars) to go and unlock the door. And when he got in, he didn't see his wife, so he thought that his wife must be joking. So he laid down on the bed and took out his phone to kill the time...but after sometime, he saw his wife standing near the pillar of the mosquito net.. But when he approached her he found his wife hanging.

His family members took down his wife and found that his wife is still breathing they took her to Community Health Centres one after another as doctors were not available at that time.. And when they brought her to the hospital the doctor told them that she has been brought dead.

When his wife's father came, he was told not to touch her body. Besides, Moirang police came to the spot already. The police personnels kept saying that they will take the dead body to the morgue.. Even after repeated requests to waiting for the other family members who are coming from Khoupum, the police forcefully took the dead body and deposited at RIMS mortuary at midnight of Saturday.

Sensing suspicious of her dead JAC was formed to find out the genuine cause of her death.

Memorandum was submitted to the Hon'ble CM of Manipur on 19th August for intervention and to bring justice for the dead soul. Post mortem was conducted yesterday (Tuesday 20th August) at RIMS at around 2:30pm.

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