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Powerful bomb explode at KSO Moreh compund Indefinite band impose

MOREH: A powerful IED exploded at the compound fencing wall of KSO Moreh office Ngamkhai veng, Moreh Ward No.8 at 7:55pm of Oct 11.

The IED was so powerful that it shattered part of the fencing wall and some splinters were found as far as the main road near Chengjapao Statue. Tremor due to the explosion felt as far as Moreh bazar. However no casualty reported till the typing of this report. Denouncing the incident an indefinite bandh has been imposed in Moreh town. 

The incident site is near to HTC Office and just a stone throw away from Assam Rifles outpost.

Suspecting a foul play and angered by frequent bomb explosion irate mob went their ire towards the AR personnel who rushed the spot and pushed them back to their camp. Angry public set fire at near the gate of the AR outpost. 
It may me mentioned that a musical concert, in Aid of Anglo Kuki War Documentary Film project, is to be organized at the KSO Office compound under the agies of HTC and AKWFPC on Oct 12.

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