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Former Chief of Manipur-based Separatist Group RK Meghen Taken to Delhi after Release from Jail: Lawyer

Photo; Scroll.in
IMPHAL:  A day after he was released from a Guwahati jail having served his term for nearly a decade, RK Meghen, the former chairperson of Manipur-based insurgent outfit UNLF, was taken to Delhi by NIA officials on Sunday evening, his lawyer M Gunedhor Singh said.

Meghen, popularly known as Sanayaima (son of soil), was released from jail on Saturday, six months before the completion of his 10-year term — awarded to him by a special NIA court for "waging a war against the country".

He was expected to reach Imphal on Monday. The 75-year-old, however, was taken to the national capital by the officials of the NIA, amid media speculation that he has been detained, said Singh, who accompanied Meghen to Delhi.

"Sanayaima is a free man. There is no reason why he should be detained or arrested. There is no legal matter pending against the leader," he clarified.
According to Singh, the Ministry of Home Affairs had urged the former United National Liberation Front (UNLF) chairperson not to return to Manipur in view of the "volatile situation in the state".

Manipur has been witnessing massive protests over the past few weeks, mostly by civil societies who are seeking an assurance from the Centre that the solution to the vexed Naga political issue would not come at the cost of the state's territorial integrity.

Singh said Meghen's sentence was reduced because of his "exceptionally good behavior" and contributions ranging from setting up a library and music school for the inmates and construction of a rock garden on jail premises.

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