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Federation of Haomee urges govt to remove Anglo-Kuki refugee war memorial stones

IMPHAL:Federation of Haomee (FoM) has urged manipur state govt to remove the stones with objectionable inscription "In Defence of Our Ancestral Land and Freedom" erected by the Kukis. It also urged government to take action against those responsible persons.

In a letter submitted to Chief Secy and Home Secy, Govt of Manipur, FoM stated, in many Kuki villages under different districts of Manipur, stones are erected on the eve of so called Centenary Celebration of concocted Anglo-Kuki War with strongly objectionable inscription "In defence of our ancestral land and freedom. It looks like only Kukis are the owners of land and freedom and as such the inscription are very sensitive which could create conflicts among the co-existing communities.

FoM also stated that Kukis were requested by the other communities to remove those stones but they are reluctant to do so. The Joint Secretary (Home) govt of Manipur had also issued direction to all the DC, SP of concerned district police stations to remove those stones with the inscription immediately as there is a high apprehension of breach of peace and possibility of law and order problem. But the concerned authority have not complied with the direction and the same is still erecting with the objectionable inscriptions.

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