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Manipuri Diaspora Living In Texas, USA fighting COVID 19 by Donating Masks and shield for Front Line Workers.

Ruati Johnsen making Mask and shield 
TEXAS: She is Ruati Johnsen, She is from Churachandpur, Manipur. Her family moved to Delhi when she was very young.  Now She lived in Texas with her 3 sons and her Husband. She is married to a Norwegian man.

Nurse who received the masks
When she was a teenager, she learned stitching from her mother Romawii Pachuau. Later on she attended a Fashion Designing school in Delhi, which changed her life. Since then she never look back.  She soon got to work at Fashion and Logo Design Studio in Sunshine city in Tokyo, Japan

Now she is a full time housewife, she grows her Micro greens in her Garage and greenhouse; she said this encouraged her family to eat more greens.
She said she feel sad when the Corona Virus Pandemic break out. She said her first concern was about her home state Manipur.  She told TimesMojo she felt like “What would happen to all the people in the small town and villages? I have been so worried everybody… at the same here in Texas my friends who are health care professionals, working in the hospital told me they don’t have PPE, they were told to reuse the disposable mask and on the news our leaders are asking for mask.”
So she decided to join “the million mask making group” this group according to her encouraged the members to make masks for frontline workers. Ever since she am making masks and donating to people who are in front line.

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