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Manipuri Girl beaten up by locals in Sector - 72 Gurgaon - Haryana. Seriously injured.

GURGAON: Today a girl from Manipur was beaten up by locals in Gurgaon. The girl named Ms Echantombi was going for to fetch food items from her rented accommodation to the shops near by. She was stopped by an elderly lady and told her not to use the road/gulli. There was an argument over this. The  daughter in law and male members from that household hit the girl with sticks on the head. She became unconscious and nobody came to rescue her. When she regained consciousness she managed to inform some Manipuris in Delhi. They informed Manipuri’s in Sikenderpur in Gurgaon. Thereafter using various police contacts, she was traced and taken to police station in Badshapur, Gurgaon . The police registered a Luke warm FIR with very little details. She is a victim of discrimination . It is inhuman to beat a single girl so mercilessly by men.

Such acts of cruelty and discrimination should be shunned by one and all and the offenders be brought to book and punished immediately.
Right now, she needs support from all quarters to tide over the situation. She need to undergo a proper medical examination to rule out internal damage of the head.

The Kuki Students Association and North East organisation is trying to help her file a FIR at the moment of writing this brief. (1230h on 11 May 2020) FIR is being written in Hindi and very hard for people from NE to understand due to communication gap. The concerned IPC acts are also reported to be omitted by the police.

An urgent action by various people in power in the government need to intervene immediately.

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