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An open Letter to Shri N. Biren Singh, Hon'ble CM, Manipur

With due honor, I would like to take this privilege to seek your special favour.

That Sir, as all knows, national lockdown due to Onslaught of disastrous Corona Virus has given untold lives hardship. The same is a bonus miseries for the Mapithel dam affected villagers who had already suffered due to loss of food sovereignty as a result of land loss in the wake of the Mapithel dam project. Mapithel dam affected villagers are among those people who are most severely hit by the Covid-19 being hardship of dam impact were multiplied this year.

In spite of verbal or hearsay as the dam water is not blocked, but water level of the Yangwui Kong/Thoubal River has been rising dramatically. It has led to submergence of many paddy fields at chadong, Ramrei Lower and Ramrei villages destroying cultivated areas and threatened to all paddy planted in the region.

Therefore, it is our humble request to kindly release dam water this year on humanitarian ground while people are harshly hit by Covid-19.

Thanking you Sir.
Themson Jajo

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