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AR Troop Detected and Seize Illegal Arms Workshop in Ukhrul

UKHRUL: The despicable and nefarious activities of the underground outfits continue irrespective of these trying times faced by the entire humanity due to the current ongoing COVID pandemic. 

Inputs about a suspected NSCN(IM) operative, Mr. Lightson @ Likeson s/o Late Jhon Shaiza involved in smuggling and extortion related activities were being received since Mar 2020. According to input received from reliable source, a team of Somsai Battalion of Assam Rifles launched an operation in the wee hours of morning on 01 July 2020 in general area of Lunguira Tang, Ukhrul. This indl , Mr Likeson had recently returned to Ukhrul. 

A 9mm pistol and .22 rifle alongwith some amn has been recovered so far. The indl has escaped leaving behind his workshop full of tools and spares for making local small arms. His wife was found in his house and Assam Rifles Riflewomen were a  part of the coln alongwith the police. 

It is truly contemptible that the UG gps would establish an arms workshop in the middle of town putting so many lives at risk. The Assam Rifles is working its level best to safeguard the locals from such adverse incidents.

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