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Open Letter to Vice Chancellor of The Australian National University

We, the Myanmar alumni from ANU and Australian universities, call the Australian National University to publicly denounce the appalling statement of experts made in a recent ANU publication entitled ‘Australia should maintain ties with Myanmar’. The story was first published on the ANU official website on 04 March 2021 and updated on 06 March 2021, enabled by the ANU Media.

We strongly condemn the news story. We feel greatly offended and insulted by this article, and the related comments that Dr Chambers and Hunter Marston made to the media, which makes light of the brutal military violence used against unarmed civilians and protesters; supports the international normalization and acceptance of the coup; and undermines the voices, pleas and calls from Myanmar citizens and civil society for the non-recognition of the illegal and illegitimate military takeover. At a time when our people are being murdered in the streets, we find this apologism of the military completely unacceptable and shameful.
As the Myanmar alumni of ANU and Australian universities, we expect ANU to stand with us in our call to suspend all ties and connections with the Myanmar dictatorship.
We have sent this letter to ANU Vice Chancellor and copied ANU Alumni Relations and College of Asia, and the Pacific Alumni Community regarding this matter. As Australian Awards alumni, we will also be collectively raising our voice to the Australia Global Alumni.

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