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Due to failure of the police and conspiracy of some organisations, the riots in Chhabra took place: NCHRO

JAIPUR: On April 11, after the communal tension in the Chhabra town of the district, the administration could have prevented the way in which looting and arson took place if it wanted. The failure of the administration and the planning of some organisation are behind the condition in the town today. This evidences has been revealed in the fact-finding report of human rights organisation, NCHRO. The organisation's secretary and the fact-finding team's member, Rajkumar Chawla, said in a press note that on the directions of the state President, Judge T.C. Rahul, the team went to Chhabra town. They collected the information and evidence related to the incident after meeting with the victim's side.

In the report released today, it has been revealed that there was a conspiracy behind the incident and if the administration wanted, they wouldn't have let a small scuffle turn into such a disastrous and violent incident.

On the night of April 10, when the appeal was made on social media to gather the crowd, if then the administration wanted, they couldn't have prevented the people from gathering.But the administration did not take seriously the appeal on social media to gather. Consequently, the forces that are the enemies of peace got an opportunity to start violence.He said that the organisation will send this to the state's chief justice, chief secretary, Chief Minister's office, the state human rights commission, and other relevant bodies. In the fact-finding team, the state's committee members, Varsha Soni and Shabbir Azad, were present.

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