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Students of Jamshedpur Co-operative Law College Semester One sit on hunger strike :Jamshedpur

Students of Co-operative Law College Semester One sat on hunger strike on Friday. They sat on hunger strike for not taking any initiative on the demands even after seven days demanding to promote the students of semester one within 7 days. A warning was also pasted on the college notice board. The students of the session 19-22 of the Co-Operative College are about to complete 2 years. And not a single test has been taken. According to the UGC, Kolhan University is not promoting the first semester students. And the government is not allowing to take the exam. Because of this the future of the students has become dark. Due to this the students have been forced to agitate and sat on hunger strike.  

120 students have sat on hunger strike indefinitely for not promoting the first semester students even after a week. Students say that all the accountability will be of Kolhan University and the government. Amar Tiwari, Vinod Kumar, Vinod Sahu and other students were included in the hunger strike.

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