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Prohibited from writing REET exam because of burqa

During the State-wide conducted REET exam, in the examination centre in Kota, Om Kothari Institute, an examinee who was there to take the exam was stopped from entering the centre by the administration because she was wearing a burqa. She was told to remove the burqa. 

The examinee, Wafiya Meraj, said that she told everyone at the duty that she is ready to be checked by a female staff, and that after that, she be allowed in the examination centre. But the staff did not listen to her at all, and shouted at her on the microphone, denying her entry in the examination centre with the burqa on. The time to enter the centre was then also gone and the examinee could not take the exam. 

The victim has filed a complaint in the state minority commission, alleging discrimination. In the complaint, she has said that on the basis of religion, burqa is her identity, but the staff on duty disallowed her entry into the examination center on this very basis. She has demanded from the state minority commission an investigation against the responsible administration and officers in her complaint.

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