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NSCN-IM says ceasefire without territorial limits exists in Manipur

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‘Framework agreement covers all territorial jurisdictions of Nagas beyond Nagaland’

IMPHAL: The NSCN-IM has claimed that the cease fire agreement without territorial limits, signed between the outfit and the Government of India in June 14, 2001, in Bangkok exists in Manipur.
A statement issued by the MIP of the outfit said, “The enforcement of Indo-Naga ceasefire in Manipur was clearly visible during the time when Atal Bihari Vajpayee was the Prime Minister of India. It is on record when Vajpayee said that “wherever there is fighting, there is ceasefire”. So ceasefire is everywhere. That spirit never changes till now because once agreement is signed it remains official notwithstanding the hullabaloo from certain groups with vested interests. The ceasefire coverage had no boundary limits”.
The outfit is reacting to the reports on the arrested of two of its cadres on May, 20, 2019, wherein the Manipur government allegedly stated that there is no ceasefire in Manipur.
The statement further reminded that Nagas in Manipur do not exist at the whims of the majority Manipuris.
“We have our history that is unique and recognized by the Government of India. This uniqueness of Naga history became the driving force which led to the signing of the 3 rd August, 2015 Framework Agreement. This agreement covers all territorial jurisdictions of Nagas and not just the present Nagaland state. It was reaffirmed in June 14, 2001 in Bangkok that the ceasefire agreement is between the Government of India and NSCN as two entities without territorial limits”, it asseted.

It will be something preposterous for the Government of Manipur to challenge or question the wisdom of the authority of the Union Government (India) on ceasefire coverage, it added.
It further contended that the statement of Manipur police was an affront to the Indo-Naga political negotiation that had travelled more than 22 years with mutual respect and understanding on all issues including ceasefire coverage.
It explained that the Meiteis became a part of India on September 21, 1949 when Maharaja Budhachandra signed the Treaty of Accession which granted the merger of Manipur with India.
However, it pointed out that the case of Nagas is entirely a different story that is well acknowledged by the Government of India adding that the Indo-Naga ceasefire that was signed in 1997 was between two entities.
It stated that the GPRN is grateful to the BJP-led government for honouring the legacy of Atal Bihari Vajpayee who has a high respect for the Nagas with their unique history.

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